Bills: You Can Never Have Enough

I’m not talking about bills you pay. I’m talking about crankbaits. The size of the bill on the crankbait determines the depth the lure will dive. A small billed crankbait will  dive very shallow, whereas a larger billed crankbait will dive very deep.


This crankbait is designed to be a wake bait. This means the lure only goes an inch or so below the surface. This lure is great when baitfish are near the top of the water and game fish are actively feeding on them. It is also a great choice when fishing above submerged grass. I had a great trip to Wisconsin a few years back using a Mann’s Baby 1-Minus.


These crankbaits are designed to dive 4 to 6 feet deep when reeled in. This is great when you know fish are living in that depth of water. The rule of thumb is, pick a crankbait that will dive just a few feet deeper than the water you are fishing. You want the crankbaits to hit the bottom. This style of crankbait is my all around favorite lure to use.


These crankbaits are designed to run very deep. These are great when fishing off shore structure. They can reach depths of 18-20 feet when reeled in. The key to this bait is being able to cast if far enough to allow the bait reach its maximum depth. Line size is also critical when fishing this style of crankbait. A smaller diameter line will allow the crankbait to dive deeper.

Crankbaits are a great lure to use when you want to fish fast and cover a lot of water. Crankbaits will normally catch the active fish in an area.


For a bass fisherman not all bills are bad! You need different tools to do different jobs, and crankbaits are no different; you have to have the right bills to catch fish! Try a few of these different crankbait styles next time you are on the water.

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