Homemade Hair Jigs

There is nothing like catching a fish on a homemade lure. Taking hair from a deer tail and making it look appetizing for a fish is pretty cool.


My family has been tying crappie and white bass jigs for many years. My dad and uncle are really good at it, but I like to tie a few myself when I run low on a certain color. The fish really don’t care if the jigs look perfect.


The nice thing about hair jigs is they catch all species of fish. I have caught fish on very small 1/32 ounce hair jigs to 1/2 ounce hair jigs. Big hair jigs have become very popular on the bass fishing scene recently. Crappie fisherman have been utilizing this great lure for years.


If you want to tie your own hair jigs here are few items that you will need:

  1. Lead, molds, and hooks to make the jig heads.
  2. Paint or nail polish for to paint the heads
  3. Deer tail hair
  4. Thread
  5. Jig vise


I  fished  Lake Shafer today and I caught 6 different species of fish on my hand tied hair jigs. If you want one lure that can catch any fish in the lake, then a hair jig would be my choice. They also catch big fish too.


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