What a Fluke

Fluke fishing is a great way to catch bass in shallow or clear water.  A Fluke is a soft plastic lure that can be rigged a variety of ways, but  is normally rigged weedless and fished near the surface.

fluke package.jpg

I have fished with Flukes for many years. They can be fished fast by twitching it across the water’s surface. This presentation results in some impressive strikes. Flukes can also be fished very slowly by allowing it to sink to the bottom. Once the Fluke hits the bottom, twitch it up a few feet and allow it to fall back down.

fluke 1

As with any lure, you must experiment with the presentation the bass want on that day. One day the fish may want the lure worked fast and erratic, while the next day you won’t get a bite working it fast. When this happens slow down, and work the Fluke without any action. Bass can be very picky on how they want a Fluke worked.


I like to use a weightless fluke, but you can add a bullet weight to the front of the Fluke. Another way to weight a Fluke is to buy a weighted hook. This style of hook is great when you are fishing deep water and need the bait to sink faster.

fluke hooks

The Fluke has been around for years, but still catches fish. This is a lure that is often over looked, but any good bass fisherman has a Fluke somewhere in their tackle box.

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